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A new virus is on the rampage claiming to be purportedly from the FBI. The virus nicknamed as FBI Virus is a ransomeware that takes hostage of the computer and goes to the extent of saying that it is sending the personally identifiable information to the government. This is most vicious virus doing the rounds because the moment the virus sneaks into the computer then there is nothing much you can do to steer clear of the virus. 

The virus already attacked thousands  IP's holding computers hostage and researchers are particularly struck at the way the attack has taken place. Many have reported the slowing down of the system and popping up messages. Even though the system getting slowing down is nothing new because it is expected of every virus attack. But this particular virus holding your computer for violating copyright law and for fraudulent use of copyright material. And as you look for a solution to unlock the computer, it demands you to pay a fine to unlock your computer. And to top it all, the virus might even on your webcam and give you an impression that the video recording is on for further investigation. 

Even thought virus have become the norm of the day but this new FBI Virus is designed to trick to users that they have committed a serious crime and they should cough up the penalty without wasting a minute. We recommend not to fall prey to such vicious ransomwares, the FBI on its part is educating computer users about the scam. 

Remove FBI Virus: Virus sneaks into the computer when you visit infected websites and through malicious email. So unless you are sure never open junk or spam emails. But it is advisable if you seek the services of  certified virus removal professionals.

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